Where to Park?
Parking will be available at Rochelle School and River of Life Christian Center on Secrest Street.

 One-Way Traffic!

In order to reduce traffic congestion and address safety concerns, the Lincoln City Reunion Steering Committee requests the following:

1.       Traffic will travel east going one way, starting at Caswell and Secrest Streets.

2.       Traffic will travel one way east down Caswell Street, then north on Myrtle Avenue, and then east on Cedar Lane until Bynum Blvd. where it will end.

3.       The shuttle bus transporting people from parking lots of Rochelle School and the River of Life Christian Center will follow the same route except they will be allowed to travel west on Cedar Lane from Myrtle Avenue going back out to Secrest Street.

4.       Barricades will be placed on the north side of Caswell Street between Secrest Street and Myrtle Avenue to make traffic  flow easier in the area.

5.       Barricades will also be placed on the north side of the street on Cedar Lane from the first house until Bynum Blvd.  This will also make the one-way traffic flow easier and families will not have problems with the driveways being blocked.

6.       The families living in the apartments on Cedar Lane will have access open for them to park in front of their residence.

7.       Barricades will be at the following locations:

  •  Myrtle Avenue and Caswell Street – blocking southbound traffic

  • Myrtle Avenue and Cedar Lane – blocking westbound traffic

  • Secrest Street and Cedar Lane – blocking eastbound traffic

  • Bynum Blvd. and Cedar Lane – blocking westbound traffic